"There is always a way to give... "

Welcome to Heartegrity


The future may belong to our children, but the past belongs to us all.

Memories fade with age, but museums, books, art, music and movies often provide sentimental reminders of the way things were. Heartegrity works on projects that preserve and create memories.

Heart & Integrity

"Heart" & "Integrity" are the foundations of Heartegrity. Our first goal is to build a Ty Collector Museum. The museum will feature not only one of the largest collections of Ty plush products and memorabilia in the world, but also exhibits and references that highlight historic events from the period Ty Inc. was bringing smiles to the faces of children and adults worldwide.

Heartegrity succeeds if we make you look back fondly at your first teddy bear or an inspiring event in your life that may have slipped temporarily from memory.

Our charitable projects will help children in a way that hopefully makes them remember later in their lives that someone once cared enough to help when the chips were down.